Dear Don Bosco Boys Camp Nation,

“Gold is tested in fire.” (Sirach 2:5) COVID-19 sure is testing us.


It has become clear that the regulations governing summer camps will not be relaxed to allow for groups of more than 10. Unfortunately, this means we cannot have the Don Bosco Boys Camp this summer. It breaks my heart to think of how disappointing this is for the boys, but we must keep our spirits up, accept this challenge, and Fight the Good Fight of faith.


Sometimes, accepting bad news is harder than wrestling an alligator. If we had to wrestle an alligator we could at least fire up some courage and do something. Well, let’s remember that trusting God is doing something. In fact, always trusting God is harder than wrestling an alligator because we must do it all day every day. If you wrestled an alligator the match would be over in about 20 seconds—no matter who won!


Let us also remember that Hope is an Anchor. An anchor allows your boat to drift a little bit but keeps you from flipping over or crashing into rocks during a storm. You don’t see the anchor, but you know it is there because the boat survives the storm. When we got baptized God gave us Hope as a special power: a super-power. Hope, like an anchor, is “invisible,” but we know it is working in a person when they are smiling and being good—even in the middle of a storm. Let’s use this super-power against the storm of COVID-19. We can trust God. He knows what he is doing.


So, any checks received will be reimbursed. Please call me at 603-545-5912 if you have any questions.



Mr. G

July 20 - 31, 2020

9:00-4:00 For Boys 6-14

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Registration Deadline: June 15, 2020

  • Capture the Flag
  • Dodgeball
  • Stories about the Saints
  • Game Room
  • Empire Capture the Flag
  • Morning Visits to Jesus
  • Outpost
  • Daily Calisthenics
  • Gauntlet
  • Spartan Race
  • Stratego: Field Game
  • Hobbits vs. Smaug
  • Gatorball
  • Skits
  • Tug-O-War
  • Pirate Capture the Flag
  • Wrestling Matches
  • “Tribal System”
  • Brain Teasers & Riddles
  • Daily Decade of the Rosary
  • Team Olympic Games
  • Trebuchet Building
  • “Don Bosco Derby”
  • Card Games

- The Don Bosco Boys Camp offers a fun, faith-filled environment for young boys to form healthy friendships, develop character, and grow closer to Christ!

- $200 per week; non-refundable; scholarships & family rates available!

- Campers get 2 T-shirts

13 - 14 year old Campers can be Counselors in Training (C.I.T.s)

15 year-olds may volunteer to be Counselors in Training (C.I.T.)

- Please call Mark Gillis, Director, if you have questions: 603.545.5912

Staff & CIT Application

Don Bosco Staff Handbook

-Morning Drop Off — St. John’s Church (Christ the King Parish), 72 S. Main Street Concord, NH, in the Pope John Paul II “PAC” building to the right of the church if you face it from the street.

8:50 is the earliest arrival time. We are responsible for boys only after they have signed in!

Boys must sign in/out with the Counselor in charge of their “Tribe”; each boy will be assigned to a Tribe on their first day at the DBBC.

-Please direct questions about the Camp to the director, Mark Gillis at 226-3756 (home); 603-545-5912 (cell);
All paperwork and payments must be sent to Christ the King Parish:

Don Bosco Boys Camp
72 South Main St.
Concord, NH 03301

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